Monday, August 22, 2011

Social Media.... Your views on Second Life as a resource in our Emerging Media playgrounds...

As I say that quite literally.... in the playgrounds of marketing, branding, and organizational communications... something we visited in 2006 raises it head and shouts "HEY!!! I'm still here." Who knew?!

Second Life was visited by many a marketing professionals in the past ... because Linden Lab believed they had a solution, a solution where avatars were the customer service reps of today, where businesses didn't fly in reps or even buy expensive video conferencing (buggy things that they are) and went to a free service where they conducting affairs in timeless environment.

But playground and affair have multiple meanings... these meanings include adult content that mot of our organizations cannot and will not be a party to... driving larger, more profitable organizations away from serious use of this environment and completely frightening any "take me serious" start-ups who would have benefited from the free services.

For anyone who doesn't know, I primarily work with small organizations without budgets. Which is why I have explored nearly anything and everything cheap and free for years. I have always agreed that LindenLabs had an AWESOME idea, most certainly the wave of the future... but I think moving the sex and adult content to a single island could not possibly overcome the atmosphere that the residents (people playing the game) create. When your orientation greeting comes complete with a spamming porn discussion .... we state that this is not a professional atmosphere, it simply isn't.

Any innocent trip to SL is tainted by the sexual undertone that discredits the organizations that would hope to benefit from the potential.

We cannot hope to see LindenLabs make enough money off the rest of us.... sex sells... better online than in any other venue ever (all online sales of sex related content cannot be completely estimated, I assure you, Vegas is jealous).

Other organizations have tried to duplicate the success of LindenLabs without access to sex, does anyone know of any really succeeded at this time?

Do you think the trouble is that if you are a CEO you know the graphics in games are completely better than these terrible freebie places?

IF you had an opportunity to hire and pay customer service reps to run only online - with telephone assisted and IM assisted software, would you do it? IF the cost was half what you are paying now (for those of us not paying anyone - count it as using hugely discounted overseas centers).

What do you think would be the best way to move customer services and other related distance communications/relationships to the web where an individual can always see and talk to another individual?

Friday, August 12, 2011

In the mail...

Just bragging for all my friends and family who read this....

Starting a doctorate program in Feb-12... maybe March.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Surgery on my Wrist...

Months and months ago my wrist started hurting, but no one could figure out what was wrong...

So they sent me to a specialist...named Dr. Seitz - he is an expert not just a specialist, at Cleveland Clinic. :)

The specialist said there was a... I don't remember where I put the paper, but it basically was a tumor wrapped around my ulnar nerve and arteries, there was also a cyst and an arthritic bone. One little surgery...

That was a few days after surgery (April 29th was surgery but I was a little stressed and then there was the pain killers).

Now, I just have pain in the side of my wrist because I keep working and using my hand, (Sorry, Kim - OT, I really am trying not to use it very much! It just doesn't work out that way).

It looks very nice, healing amazingly well. I am happy, just that ache in the side of my wrist.